Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Religious Blackmail In Sudan

Anti-America rally in Darfur, SudanPhoto: Associated Press

Sudanese rally against UN Darfur plan
Wednesday 08 March 2006, 16:50 Makka Time, 13:50 GMT Aljazeera.Net

Declares the headline on Aljazeera.Net in a very comprehensive report on the threats of the Islamist movement to stop any foreign intervention in the civil war in Sudan. And groups called the "Darfur Jihad Organization" and the "Blood Brigades" have emerged to threaten fire and brimstone against the deployment of the UN Peace Keeping Force. And as usual, they are accusing the US of trying to turn Sudan into another Iraq.

The threats of Islamist groups are becoming the worst fears of the 21st Century. Because, their religious terrorism is now the weapon of Islamic tyranny. And I am afraid that if we allow this Islamic tyranny to continue, millions of non-Muslims in predominantly Islamic states will continue to be victimized and killed as the Islamic terrorists known as the Janjaweed guerillas have been doing in Darfur. And the emergence of the so called "Darfur Jihad Organization" and the "Blood Brigades" is a threat to the on-going peace keeping efforts in Sudan.

The report that:
" Abd al-Rahim Muhammad Husain, the defence minister, addressed a military
demonstration in central Khartoum, but foreign journalists were detained and
escorted from the scene." is a pointer to the unrepentant nature of the ruling
government in Sudan.

"Jihad, victory, martyrdom," the soldiers chanted.
"Our martyrs are in heaven, and we are ready," said the minister.

We must reject all the religious blackmail of the Islamist regime in Sudan and defend the fundamental human rights of all the people in Sudan. Especially the Darfuris. And the Washington Post echoed the sentiments on one of the Darfuris.

Among the crowd of demonstrators, one brave woman quietly said she supported intervention in her place of origin, Darfur.
"I don't think the government can solve the problem, nor can the African Union," student Maha Mekki said. "I want America to come in," she said.

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