Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bush Calls For More Troops In Darfur

Bush finally comes to the aid of the suffering Darfuris in Sudan.

Bush Calls For More Troops In Darfur
President George W. Bush and Kofi AnanThe Washington Post reports the good news from President George W. Bush that the US will support the deployment of more troops to increase the peace keeping force of the African Union in Darfur. And I say, it is long over due. The procrastination has cost thousands of innocent lives in Darfur. And I have already made repeated calls for such a task force on my The DARFUR Blog since the beginning of this year. So, I agree, that it's about time we eradicate the Janjaweed terrorists on rampage in Darfur and put an end to the tyranny in Sudan.Read the full report


Victim no Longer! said...

So glad to see you continuing the good fight and trying to bring justice and peace to your region.
I was also fortunate as I finally got the info for "Netintelligence Parental Control"a way to block unwanted web sites,a "filter".
I had seen the ad on my site so many times and wanted to investigate it,but of course could not from my site.
People need to know that these ads pay us little,but provide the public with vital information.
Keep up the great work my friend.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you Douglas.

Right now we are trying to put out the fire in Nigeria as bloody riots over the Danish Cartoons and violence in the Niger Delta region are threatening our security and unity in my beloved country.