Thursday, January 05, 2006

The UN is Confused Over Darfur

The tragic deaths of over 30 Sudanese refugees in Egypt have only confirmed the shortcomings of the UN in managing the crisis in Sudan.

If the Sudanese refugees are not safe in Egypt, then why did the UN keep them in Egypt?
Imagine the horrors of these refugees who fled their own country to escape from the killing fields of Darfur and other regions of Sudan and now coming to die such a horrible death where they thought they were safe! It is a horrifying and terrifying nightmare. And sends negative signals to the other refugees at the mercy of the rebels and Janjaweed mercenaries in Sudan.

How can the UN fail to take care of these helpless and powerless refugees in Egypt?

From the shoddy treatment of the refugees within and outside Sudan, we can see that the UN is confused over the emergency in Darfur.

Only God can save the refugees in danger in Sudan and outside.


kyels said...

That's a good question. How can the UN fail to take care of these helpless and innocent refugees?

Jeez... I wish all these killings would stop for a moment.

And yes God is the only one who can save them now. Since the UN has failed to protect them.. In Egypt..

Toniyah Tonijah said...

The UN and leading countries in the world are still taking the lives of millions of people in Sudan for granted.

They are playing political games with innocent lives.

kyels said...

Politics were never once clean and how I diss those politicians who don't have integrity in themselves.

And how is it possible for them to toy around innocent lives?! They aren't toys. They are breathing humans.

Sometimes I feel that the UN is not doing a good job at all though it can and have big impact on societies.

Toniyah Tonijah said...

International rules of engagement delay the deployment of UN troops during emergencies.