Friday, August 21, 2009

Sudan / UNAMID holds first round table meeting with signatories to Darfur Peace Agreement

20 Aug 2009 16:20 Africa/Lagos

Sudan / UNAMID holds first round table meeting with signatories to Darfur Peace Agreement

EL FASHER (DARFUR), August 20, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) yesterday convened a Round Table meeting of the Parties and Partners of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) on the implementation of the DPA chaired by UNAMID Joint Special representative (JSR), Mr. Rodolphe Adada

In his opening remarks, Mr. Adada stated that the meeting was convened primarily to provide the needed forum for the parties to the DPA including the signatories of the Declaration of commitment (DOC) to take stock and build a common understanding on issues related to DPA implementation, including challenges, and charged participants to seek to define responsibilities and roles, in so far as the implementation of the Agreement is concerned.

The JSR commended the signatories and participants for their commitment to dialogue, peace, reconciliation and development which he said led to the historic choice in Abuja, and subsequently paved the way and laid the foundation for the deployment of the Hybrid Operation in Darfur, adding that despite numerous challenges, UNAMID has, in accordance with its mandate, achieved significant success in the areas of protection of civilians, support to aid agencies in the delivery of humanitarian assistance, confidence and capacity building, as well as reconciliation and conflict prevention at local levels.

Mr. Adada underscored the role of the DPA Partners in the implementation of the Agreement and strongly called on them to re-activate the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission (D JAM) and finalize assessment particularly in areas where security could be guaranteed by UNAMID, adding “the Mission stands ready to provide whatever assistance is needed to move the D JAM process forward…those who embraced peace deserve to reap its dividends”, he concluded.

He urged all parties to support the ongoing peace process in order to succeed, “because that is the only way to go in order to give a new lease of life to the DPA and, by extension, to the people of Darfur”.

The participants welcomed the round table meeting and agreed that progress has been achieved in the implementation of the DPA. They however observed that a lot remains to be done to achieve full implementation, in particular as regards incorporation of the DPA into the interim National Constitution.

In expressing full commitment to the continuous implementation of the DPA, the participants called upon the international community to play a more active role in the implementation of the DPA. In particular, the parties requested the international community to re-activate the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission. Participants called upon UNAMID to play a stronger role in supporting effective implementation of the DPA as per its mandate. The meeting also agreed that the parties to the DPA have a crucial role to play in galvanizing the peace process.

The meeting further agreed that a mechanism be set up to monitor and assess the status of implementation of the DPA, including identification of remaining gaps and challenges that impede the implementation process and recommendation of appropriate measures.

Participants from the DPA parties included the Government team led by Dr. Omar Adam Rahamat from the Presidency, SLM (MM) led by Mr. Mini Minawi, and signatories of the Declaration of Commitment to the DPA, including (SLM Free Will), JEM (Peace Wing), SLM (Mother), and the popular Forces for Rights and Democracy (PFRD). The participating DPA Partners included representatives of the African Union, European Union, League of Arab States, Egypt, The Netherlands, Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States of America. The Joint Mediation was represented by Deputy JCM Azouz Ennifar.

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