Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The US Must Spearhead the Rescue Mission To Darfur

The only difference between Rwanda and Darfur is the numbers involved of dead, tortured, and raped. This is ethnic cleansing, this is the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis, and I don’t know why the world is not doing more about it.”
- Mukesh Kapila, the former U.N.’s humanitarian coördinator for

Dear Cecile,

The reality of a human catastrophe as horrifying and terrifying as the Rwanda Holocaust repeating in Sudan is very frightening. Because, the UN, OAU, G-8 and other world bodies were all there when the massacres in Rwanda became a genocide and finally became another holocaust. And there was no excuse.

Those we thought could save us failed to save us in Rwanda. And they are failing to save us again in Sudan.

World leaders have failed us.

The UN and NATO should have a combined emergency intervention coalition force for the control and prevention of war crimes and wide spread violations of human rights.

By now, the UN should have sent a peace-keeping force of at least 500,000 armed soldiers to Sudan to disarm the lawless Janaweed terrorists without compromise.
The US should treat the Janaweed mass murderers as terrorists and I have already sent petitions to the office of the US Secretary of State on this note.

I don't believe in speeches at the UN, AU and G-8 while hundreds of thousands of armless and helpless civilian populations are being exterminated in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe and the UN and world leaders are wasting time meeting over treaties instead of reacting as a matter of emergency to violations of international law, violations of human rights, and policies that do not respect the rule of law and democratic principles. To put Sudan immediately under arms and trade embargoes and ban the issuance of Foreign Visas to Sudanese officials.

I don't believe in White Collar diplomacy that has done us more harm than good.
If the UN, OAU and EU intervened without delay in Rwanda, millions of lives would have been saved. But they were busy globetrotting and hobnobbing with the "gobs and snobs" of governments in diplomatic chitchat in five star hotels, squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars in hotel bills and air fares while hundreds of thousands of poverty stricken and war ridden refugees are suffering and perishing everyday by day in Darfur and other regions of emergencies in the world.

I am saying this from my experience as a UNICEF Consultant for child survival and development when I was one of the national coordinators in Nigeria. I was lodged in a double suite at the five star Durbar Hotel in Kaduna. What do I need a double suite for? And room service? At over $200 per night in 1988. I was pissed. I protested. But, the others laughed at me and said why should I complain when it was not even my money and they filled their refrigerators with food and wine. They even had to come and use my own glasses. And we were meeting to discuss how to save poor children from preventable diseases? The amount of money spent on our hotel bills was more than the amount spent on the procurement of the drugs for the immunization of the children in Nigeria and whilst we were still studying modules of Informatio0n, Education and Communication (IEC) , thousands of children were dying daily.

I left the UNICEF and never sought for the appointment again. And even as a project artist for the USAID, the same bureaucratic misadministration made me to walk away and I became an independent producer and writer to address the needs of my people from public transport buses and at local markets for 11 years without any government or foreign grant.

The draconian Sudanese Government is taking advantage of the bureaucratic circumlocution of the UN, AU, EU and other global bodies and their inefficiency often leads to dormancy.


Emergency demands Expediency.

If you have been a refugee child, you would have known why I am so concerned and the only weapon I have now is this Internet. If you are the only one I succeed in getting across my plea of angst I have not wasted my time.
No more, no less.

We can stop the holocaust in Darfur.

May God help us all before it too late.

Even Democratic Senator Barack Obama from Illinois and Republican Senator Sam Brownback from Kansas have finally given their verdict on the shortcomings of the US Policy in Sudan as it delays the progress in Darfur.

"The Bush administration has helped reduce suffering in Darfur, but the situation is dangerously adrift. And when the history of this tragedy is written, nobody will remember how many times officials visited the region or how much humanitarian aid was delivered. They will only remember the death toll."
-Barack Obama is a Democratic senator from Illinois.
Sam Brownback is a Republican senator from Kansas.

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