Monday, December 26, 2005

Do They Know It's Christmas In Darfur?

Do they know it's Christmas? How many Christmas presents did you send to them?
Refugees in Darfur smiling from sharing the bowl of relief food and for them to have anything to eat and water to drink means more to them than any festivity.

The refugees don't know it is Christmas. Because, their fellow Sudanese kith and kindred are being massacred everyday before their very eyes. While they are still suffering and dying, the rest of the world is busy celebrating Christmas from London to New York City.

When Bob Geldof in his Band Aid benefit recorded "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

( in 1984 to raise funds for the victims of the famine in Ethiopia, the rest of the world woke up to the reality of the tragedies in that Ogaden region and in other regions in Africa. But, since Band Aid and recently Live Aid, do they still know it's Christmas in countless regions ravaged by ethnic conflicts and drought in Africa and Asia? And the worst emergency is in the Darfur region in Sudan.

As you dine and wine and rejoice over your Christmas gifts and presents today, remember that thousands of corpses are scattered all over Darfur. Corpses of thousands who were massacred by the blood-thirsty militias on rampage and thousands of others who starved to death before emergency relief could reach them.

Two pilots just died last Saturday as their plane crashed in Darfur whilst on a rescue mission for the African Union(AU).

The African Union says a plane crash in Sudan's Darfur region has killed a
Moldovan and Ukrainian working as pilots for the African Union.

An AU statement says the plane crashed late Saturday after taking off from the town of Zalingei.
It says there was no one other than the pilots aboard the plane, a
Russian-made Antonov 28 that was used to transport AU personnel around Darfur.

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