Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Sudanese people and animals getting water from the same supply. Photo courtesy of CARE


The African Union (AU) Peace Talks on Sudan have resumed in our capital Abuja after the Christmas break.

Imagine that the delegates went on break for three whole days to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! So, we should pat them on the back and commend them as good "Christians"?
What an irrational excuse.

Imagine medical doctors and nurses going on Christmas break whilst their patients in critical condition in the emergency ward are crying for help as they are writhening in pains and dying?
Do the millions of suffering and dying war-stricken refugees in Darfur know it was Christmas last Sunday?

The hypocrisy of our leaders is nothing but sheer ruthlessness and wickedness.
What is Christmas? Just another holiday and the biggest "christian" trade fair.
Did Jesus Christ tell us to celebrate his birth? Or to love our neighbours as we love ourselves?
Why do we like deceiving and fooling the ignorant and gullible populations of poor people in this world?

The sooner we stop giving excuses for our blunders, mistakes and failures the better we would be.

“We Christians in the U.S. have to use our resources not to build bigger churches, and not to be even more concerned with being pro-life, but to show how we value life by protecting the lives that are being lost every day because of war, disease, and starvation.” -Deborah Fikes

“Killing is wrong, whether you’re killing a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim.”
“I’m as concerned about what’s happening in Darfur as I am about what happened in southern Sudan. It’s evil. God made the people there in Darfur. For us to ignore them would be a sin.”
-Billy Graham.

“We acted too late to save millions of Jews during World War II.”
“We didn’t act at all when hundreds of thousands of innocents were slaughtered in Rwanda. We have the opportunity now to stop a genocide and we must act.”
-Charles Rangel, the New York City congressman.

Here is the latest news report on the Sudanese Peace Talks in Abuja.

27/12/2005 17:10 LAGOS, Dec 27 (AFP)
Darfur: peace talks resume in Abuja after Christmas break: official
The African Union (AU)-mediated Sudanese peace talks on the Darfur crisis resumed Tuesday in Nigeria's capital Abuja after Christmas break, AU spokesman told AFP.
Delegates to the talks observed a three-day recess which ended on Monday to enable them to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Noureddine Mezni said in an official statement which he read on telephone.


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